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Ecotuning optimizes the torque of your vehicle so that you can save between 5 and 20 percent.

This does not require any technical modifications to the motor.
The engine resources are optimally utilized solely by changing the so-called characteristic fields of the control unit.
Our chips can be programmed for performance enhancement and environmental compatibility.


The OBD II interface is used to reprogram the control unit of the vehicle, in particular the engine control unit. For this, the control unit is connected to a PC via a data cable. In connection with a special software, it is now possible to carry out a wide variety of parameter changes on the motor controller.
For example, it is conceivable to change the response behavior or simply to increase the fuel supply.


After, for example, the latest generation of control devices is used in most current diesel models, it was hardly possible at the beginning to read devices via the OBD interface. It was no longer possible to think of a description of the devices. If one wanted to circumvent the risky removal and soldering of new building blocks, new devices had to be developed, which made the reading and writing via a so-called BDM interface possible.


Nowadays, the performance of engines is no longer enhanced by the modification of mechanical parts, such as larger valves or other injection pumps.
Each modern motor is equipped with an electronic control unit. A memory chip, on which all relevant parameters for motor control are stored, is located in the control unit.


In cooperation with NSA we offer you a guarantee on the engine and gearbox. Since 1990, the NSA guarantee has been operating on the Swiss market for the used vehicle warranty.
Through our cooperation with Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG (beginning of 2000), we were able to significantly increase our market share. In Germany, NSA guarantees have been a product of the Swiss National Insurance Company since 2005.

Professionelle Installation

We offer a fitting service through our partners for all tuning products you bought from us.
Our specialists will also be happy to advise you when choosing a tuning product for your vehicle.
To make an appointment or to make a quotation, you can simply contact us: by e-mail at info@speedlabor.de, by telephone at 017685057815.

Liefer- und Versandkosten

Cost of delivery and packaging. Prices are valid only in "Euro".
Shipping: We generally ship all parcels with DHL. The price per package is 6.90 euros. Outputs are shipments abroad.
If you have individual questions or wishes, please contact us for a personal discussion.


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The price list as well as the link to the price lists and if necessary, please contact the service team at info@speedlabor.de. We would be glad to provide you with an access to download the information.

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