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From Speedlabor

Nowadays, the performance of engines is no longer enhanced by the modification of mechanical parts, such as larger valves or other injection pumps. Each modern motor is equipped with an electronic control unit. A memory chip, on which all relevant parameters for motor control are stored, is located in the control unit. These include, among other things, the injection quantity and the injection time of the fuel. However, these are not fixed values, but rather characteristic fields. On all the important parts of the engine there are sensors that measure the current state several times per second. These data are then sent to the engine control unit. The settings are then changed in real time on the basis of the stored characteristic fields.

1.Why do not manufacturers offer the best settings from home?

Control programs are saved for each motor in a chip worldwide with the same settings and can not be changed any more. It is completely ignored whether the vehicle is only traveling in the city, in the desert, on the highway or in all situations alike. Manufacturers are developing a vehicle for the global market, various circumstances are simply swept under the table during development. Also with regard to the fuel quality, exhaust gas development and a possible overhaul of service intervals is simply met here with a universal adjustment. Financial reasons such as insurance classes, for example, play an important role here, which should not be underestimated. In the end, the customer is offered a configuration mixer for motor settings, with which a car can operate under all conditions.
We make sure that your vehicle is not working, but that you have the service you expect.

2. Is my insurance contribution or the car tax increasing?

In most cases, the insurance contributions in Germany do not change, since providers today usually no longer differ according to engine performance, but by type class. The motor vehicle tax remains mostly unaffected by the changes since the pollutant class of the vehicle does not change.

3.What warranty claims do I have after a conversion?

We give you a two-year guarantee on all components and accessories used by us as well as on our software.
The vehicle / engine guarantee has to be completed.
Please read the following: Click on Garantielink

4. Can your vehicle be tuned via the diagnostic program?

In the event that your control unit is already equipped with a flash eprom, the chances are very good that performance optimization is also possible for your car via the diagnostic program. Most of the vehicles built after the year 2000 can easily be programmed via OBD without the need for any further mechanical intervention.
Control units of the latest generation from approx. 04.2008 depending on the vehicle, so-called EDC17 control units have a factory-installed tuning protection and must therefore be expanded for the tuning.

5. Does tuning affect the expected life of your vehicle?

Increased wear and tear is not to be expected with proper driving. The limits of the chassis, the body and the engine are not exceeded, which guarantees an unchanged service life of your motor vehicle.

6. Do you have to change the braking system because of the higher engine power?

According to experience, the TÜV is accepting an additional 20%, without objection to the original braking system.

7. Do any special features apply to automatic vehicles?

No. Since automatic vehicles have a separate control unit, many interested parties are concerned about this. The automatic transmission adapts automatically to the new circumstances.
Since our chip-tuning kits are only intended for motorsport, we can not provide ABE. On request and at an extra charge, we can take care of the requirements for TÜV entry and guarantee.

8.What consequences does the performance increase have on the workshop service?

The software used in our chips is created / adapted individually for each vehicle. In doing so, we take into account all vehicle-specific characteristics and receive all individual vehicle data. Vehicle identification number, emergency programs, and the equipment codings remain unchanged in the tuning software. This is why your vehicle behaves like a vehicle in the serie state during service and diagnostic work in the specialist workshop.

9. How do I get my chip tune?

We are able to arrange appointments at short notice. A short call is enough and we will plan you for one of the next vacant appointments. Or use our contact form on our homepage.
For further information please call us.

10.The process

Careful, holistic software optimization takes about one or two working hours. After removing the motor control unit, we can read the original chip and save its data. In the next step, we will optimize all relevant engine settings for performance, torque and fuel consumption. The data are then re-imported into the engine control unit. Now the engine control unit is installed in the vehicle, done. On the subsequent test drive, you will experience a completely new driving experience.

11. OBD expiration

In this form of tuning, the on-board diagnostics, we first read the original program. This will be modified in the next step and then programmed again via the OBD.

12.Security of your data

Your original software will be stored on a data carrier after data transmission has been completed.

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